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Deload, what is it and how do we use it in training.

Firstly what is a deload? It is a period of time usually a week or training sessions within a week.  For example an individual trains 5 times a week his frequency would be taken down to 3. During that training period, adjustments to his or her training will be made to severely reduce the amount of volume ( sets x reps x weight ) or total work being done during those sessions.  How ever intensity will remain similar or slightly drop. The aim of this is to let the athletes body and central nervous system recover.

Weight training is a form of stress on the body and there is only so many weeks you can increase weights, sets, reps and so on before you fatigue, over train and start to regress.

With a planned deload, which can be as often as every 4th week or every other month. You aim to manage that fatigue and avoid reaching over training.  As with everything planned your deloads should be planned accordingly to your training and goals.



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