5 Things new lifters can do to improve progress.

This post will be aimed at new lifters, people who are starting out straight away. Some of the information will be very basic or you might of heard it already.

1.Write things down.

Keeping a track of progress and training is key, going week to week by remembering weights in your head or the reps you did last week will be your downfall long term. Use a notebook or a your phone notes section. These days there are plenty of gym log apps. Write weights down ,the sets and reps you did as well as any notes i.e. weight felt smooth today.

2. Track your nutrition.

Same principal as the point above, tracking is key. Keep a diet log of the food you consume. Forget dieting or anything else just use that log to get a base of where you currently are with your nutrition and from there you can make adjustments as you go.  Chances are most people under eat certain macro nutrients ( these being protein  ,fats and carbs  )

3. Film yourself.

Filming yourself lifting is a great tool to get an idea of where your lifting technique is. It also gives you a 3rd person perspective of viewing you while you train. Not only can you track progress with it, but increase chances of reducing injury by avoiding doing exercises wrong.

4. Get a program.

There are plenty of FREE training programs such as wendler 5/3/1 and 5×5 stronglifts  both are great, free and novice friendly programs. Another option is hiring a coach such as The Strength Athlete  or Coach Farncombe .

5. Aim for something.

Setting some goals will give you direction and keep drive going on those tough training sessions. Goals vary from increasing your total              ( squat + bench + deadlift 1RM = Total) to increasing technique.

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