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5 ways to improve your training

What are you to expect : Short and to the point.

Time to read : 5 min




Keeping track and logging your training and nutrition are essential as they are ways that you can judge in which direction you are heading in. Common issue I deal with is going of by the top of your head, which is impossible. With the amount of information our brain goes through a day, you can’t expect to remember all your squats from 3 weeks ago. Same goes for your calories and food. Note book with a pen or your phone and an app.


Finding a program

The thing that separates people who last in training ones who jump between places is a good solid program. It can be powerlifting based such as Wendler 5/3/1 or bodybuilding based or what ever type of training you are aiming at.

Hiring a coach

The best athletes in the world in any sport have a coach. Think about it, tiger woods, NBA players NFL athletes football players etc.. the list goes on. The top are give a set program and do the work. Doing your programming is a great skill to have however there are to many variables that can affect it. For example, one week the weight feels light and you decide to increase it for next week. This was a choice based on emotion of feeling great and motivated. You go in next week and the weight moves slower than you thought and you think to yourself what is the issue. Well you have just fallen into the emotional trap that is doing your programming. It happens to everyone, learning to manage that skill takes time.

Filming yourself

Getting a 3rd person perspective on how you are lifting can be extremely eye opening. You can look at how you execute the exercise, be more body aware and generally get a better idea of your own training. I recommend trying out side angles and front angles as that way you will get a good idea of where you are.


Asking is probably one of the hardest things we can do, if you are struggling you should ask a coach or a forum or an expert on what you can do to make things easier or better for yourself. Without asking the answer will always be no, right ?.


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